A face lift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the visible effects of aging.  As one ages, many changes occur in the facial features.  The skin loses its elastic quality and becomes lax, making wrinkles and sagging more apparent.  These signs of aging are especially noticeable around the eyes, mouth, and neck.  It is also common to accumulate excess fat around the jowl area and under the chin. Overall, aging can make the soft tissue of the face appear disproportionate compared with the underlying skeletal structure.  The loss of a youthful facial shape results in a tired, dull, and often harsh and weathered look.

How is a Face Lift Performed?

A face lift is a type of plastic surgery performed under general anesthesia.  During the procedure, you will be monitored by trained medical professionals who will ensure that you are comfortable.  The time needed to perform the operation depends on the type of technique used.  The steps of the procedure are determined based on the specific findings of the Individual.

Many face lifts begin with an incision at the temples, around the ears, and down to the lower scalp.  Through this incision, a plastic surgeon may use liposuction to treat prominent fatty deposits in the face.  The muscle layer of the face, called SMAS, is routinely tightened as a deeper supporting layer for the skin.  The excess skin is removing and the rest is redraped over the restored shape of the face without excessive tension to create a naturally youthful appearance. The stitch line is hidden in the hair and around the ear and the scar is not very noticeable. Sutures or skin adhesives will be used to the incisions

A facelift operation may be combined with other procedures such as brow lift, midface lift, and eyelid operation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Abdominoplasty?

Individuals who are in good general health with sagging skin are the best candidates for a face lift.  There is no set age that is ideal for a facelift. It is the physiological age rather than the chronological age that is important. There are many older individuals who have good skin and youthful features while some younger people show significant sagging of the face. The ideal time is when both the individual’s desire for a change and the doctor’s confidence in obtaining significant improvement are present.  As long as the need is there, earlier timing is preferable. One is healthier at younger age and a more lasting benefit can be enjoyed.

Recovering from a Face Lift

As with any operation, including cosmetic surgery, there is a recovery period during which there may be some discomfort.  Immediately after a face lift, the face will likely be swollen and bruised.  The extent of swelling and bruising will vary among individuals and may last as long as two to three weeks.  Keeping the head elevated for a few days and avoiding strenuous activities will speed recovery.  Patients will have to wear a facial dressing for the first few days.

Some of the sutures are removed within the first week and the rest within two weeks. Most people will be able to appear in public with some makeup. Usually, social encounters are comfortable in three to four weeks.

Complications are infrequent in general, but may include hematoma and infection. Hematoma is a collection of blood under the skin. This may hinder proper healing of the skin and requires removal. In very rare cases, the facial muscles may become weak due to an injury to the nerves connected to these muscles, but, in most cases, this will resolve over time. Permanent changes are extremely rare. Everybody will experience numbness in the area in front of the ear; the sensation returns with time.

Face Lift Results

Face lift patients enjoy a softer, brighter, youthful, and rested appearance without obvious signs of tight pulling or overdone surgery. It is a look one can enjoy over time. Even as the years pass, individuals who have undergone a face lift will always look better than s/he would have looked without the surgery assuming that good health is maintained.  Electing to have the procedure again in the future is optional and up to the individual.

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