Fat Graft in Face is a surgical procedure designed to add volume to an aging face.  In addition to sagging lax skin, there is a significant loss of volume in an aging face mainly in the form of fat loss.  This happens throughout the face causing contour irregularities of depressions and sharp angles.  Specific examples include the sunken temples, exposed bony rim around the eyes, hollow eye sockets, flattened cheeks, depression around the mouth and loss of fullness of the lips.  These changes take away the fullness and softness from the youthful face.

Fat cells can be transferred from one part of the body to another.  However it has to be done carefully in small pieces so that each piece of fat has the best chance of surviving the transfer.  Large pieces would not be able to reconnect with the surrounding before the fat cells run out of the essentials such as oxygen and nutrients.  Once it survives however, it will behave as normal fat in feel and fullness.

Fat grafting is often combined with other facial procedures such as facelift, brow lift and eyelids procedures.  Indication will depend on the relative effect of the volume loss on a given face.  If it contributes significantly to the aged appearance, fat graft would help.  If its effect were minimal, other surgical procedures alone would suffice.  In a younger individual with aged appearance, volume replacement alone might be the solution.

How is a Fat Graft Performed?

It is often done under anesthesia.  The areas that need fat (recipient sites) are marked as well as the areas for harvesting the fat (donor sites).  The fat cells are harvested manually with a low vacuum using a tube with small holes.  The small pieces of fat are separated from other liquids and loaded into small syringes with a tiny blunt needle for injection.  The fat is delivered to the recipient site by injection into multiple layers obtaining the desired contour.  It should be dispersed as evenly as possible and not allowed to lump.  No dressing is necessary.

Recovering from a Fat Graft

You can expect some swelling and bruising for a couple of weeks. Discomfort is minimal.  Head elevation and moderate activities are recommended during healing.  The injection sites leave no marks.  You can use makeup as necessary while bruising is obvious.

Fat Graft Results

The face will show youthful softness and fullness. You will find improvement in the skin tone and brighter appearance of the skin.  It comes from filling of the skin.  Some claim that it’s the stem cell effect of the fat graft on the skin.  But this is yet to be proven scientifically.  The results may vary depending on the degree of fat graft survival.  Graft take depends on the donor fat quality, condition of the recipient area and the technique.  If desired the procedure can be repeated to gain further improvement.  You might notice some contour improvements as well in the areas where the fat was taken from depending on the amount used.

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